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Core Certification


The SpaceTEC® Certified Aerospace Technician® Core certifications are accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC) to meet ISO 17024 guidelines.

Core Certification Competencies

To learn more about the Core Certification competencies, click here.

What Does the Exam Include?

The SpaceTEC® Certified Aerospace Technician® Core exam is a three part exam consisting of a 70 question, computer based, written exam, followed by an oral and practical evaluation of an individual’s technical knowledge and skills.  For more information, click here.

What Does the Exam Cost?

SpaceTEC® certification exam costs can be found here.  The exam includes an optional Prep Course (read below about the Prep Course), pre-test, and the three part exam (Written, Oral, and Practical).

SpaceTEC® has received approval from Montgomery GI Bill, Navy COOL and Air Force COOL for payment or reimbursement for the exam. 

How Do I Prepare for the Test?

We offer a Prep Course to help you prepare for the Certification Exam.  Access to the Prep Course is included in the cost of the exam.

Prep Course Description

The SpaceTEC® Core Prep Course is an online, self-paced preparatory program that focuses on the Aerospace technical core consisting of the following subject areas: Introduction to Aerospace, Aerospace Safety, Applied Mechanics, Basic Electricity, Materials and Processing, and Tests & Measurements. Students are provided a set of instructional materials that include an introductory overview and lessons for each of the six topics included in the written examination. An optional primer in aerospace history and background information on workplace practices and activities is included for those who want to know more about the industry and its practices.

Each lesson includes (1) a list of included competencies, (2) a folder containing questions with “quick answers” that provide immediate contextual responses and links to additional information, and (3) a quiz that provides an immediate score that will allow candidates to continue to the next module (80% or greater) or return the candidate to the current lesson for additional work.

Prep Course Requirements

There are no special requirements for this course. However, it is recommended that students review their skills in basic mathematics and fundamental science concepts using the materials contained in the Resource Module and related information from other sources that may apply to individual student needs.

Grading Policy

This course is organized into six topics that must be completed in the order in which they are offered. Each lesson includes a quiz requiring a score of 80% or higher to pass, with unlimited attempts allowed. Once all lessons are completed, the candidate is qualified to sit for the SpaceTEC® Certified Aerospace Technician Core Examination and will be taken to the SpaceTEC Testing Site for the Core Certification Pre-test Examination.

Once a participant completes the Prep Course, a Pre-test is available.  The Pre-test can be taken anywhere internet is available and does not require a Proctor.  The Pre-test is included in the cost of the exam.

Email SpaceTEC® staff for more information.



Details on the Core and each of the Concentration Examinations are included on this web site under the Certification tab.