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SpaceTEC® is the National Science Foundation’s National Resource Center that promotes and educates candidates for technical employment. Its certification programs offer performance-based examinations that result in industry-driven nationally recognized credentials that reflect the competencies employers demand. The certification program is offered through a nation-wide consortium of community and technical colleges, universities, business and industry organizations, and government agencies.

Located in Cape Canaveral, Florida, SpaceTEC® is funded in part by the National Science Foundation’s ATE Program to support aerospace technicians in five principal areas.  To learn more, click the links below:

  • SpaceTEC® has received renewal of a continuing grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program.  The Press Release can be read here.
  • SpaceTEC® provides the only FAA-recognized national performance-based certifications available for aerospace technicians in the United States today.
  • SpaceTEC® and its partner colleges offer aerospace curricula for two-year degree programs, workshops, seminars, and prep courses for aerospace certifications.
  • SpaceTEC® develops Knowledge Skills Inventories (KSIs) that provide an objective  survey of knowledge and skills to screen candidates for hiring or promotion.
  • Using its National Aerospace Technology Advisory Committee (NATAC), SpaceTEC® validates and publishes Workplace Practices and Performance Standards.
  • For the non-aerospace technical workforce, SpaceTEC® supports and endorses performance-based certifications and customized Industry Aptitude Surveys (IASs) by CertTEC®.
  • SpaceTEC® is accepting sponsors at all levels and your organization can join us by contributing tools, supplies, equipment, internships and cooperative learning opportunities, faculty support, subject matter experts or funding for any or all of these items. We guarantee national exposure and the chance to promote your company’s participation.  To learn more please contact our staff.